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Brent and his zone
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Lindsay somewhere

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Lindsay in Barcelona
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Brent in Chile
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Lindsay in Spain
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Brent is out of the Office

Happy Birthday Holly!!

I hope that you have a great birthday today! I can`t believe that you
are already 7 years old! You are growing up :) just kidding I know
that you are now 10 ;)

Big news from Elder Reed, I am no longer assistant to the President in
ConcepciĆ²n. Hence why I am writing to you right now instead of last
saturday. President recieved revelation and said he needed me to act
as an assistant, district and zone leader up in the northernmost zone
of the mission. So, here I am in Curico Norte tearing it up!! I love
being back in the field but first let me tell you how all of this came
to pass.

On Monday we had a meeting with President at 8 in the evening to
decide where we were going to open up the 8 new sectors that we will
have in two weeks. While we are there President decides to drop the
anvil of revelation upon by saying "Elder Reed, I think we need you to
go early so pack your bags tonight" It was very exciting. I am just
happy that I didn`t get to influence where he sent me, I know that
this is where the Lord needs me to be and life is great. So anyways, I
didn`t actually get to my new sector...oh and nobody else in the
mission knew what was going on, not even the other office Elder`s...
So we left to do a mission tour on Tuesday morning to get more
interviews done and I didn`t make it to my new sector until Friday. It
has been an adventure and just in the few short days that I have been
here we have found 8 new investigators one being and amazing family
that is made of pure gold! The father, jose, has been looking for
truth his whole life and if we get him going the rest of the family
will get baptized as well. We also have a great inv. named carlos who
is progressing rapidly and doing amazingly well. The month of March
could be big for us.

On a side note in just the last couple of days I have lost like 10
pounds and my feet hurt more than ever! It looks like I got a little
soft in the office driving the truck. Nevertheless pain is just
weakness leaving the body and missionaries need to be strong so life
is great.

Anyways, I love all of you and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Reed

1 comment:

  1. In all my life, i was searching this feeling. Whenever I feeling so bad and don't what knowhow to do!
    And now i am so happy because found my GOD. My spirit is more pure and is great for do all what before was difficult. Now all is so easy with the helper of GOD.

    "Thank you for all you do for me, my lover GOD"

    I can't say goodbay, before give many thank you, to Elder Reed and Sorenser for the feelings of love and inteligent spirit they have. Nice to meet you.